About US


Finding Inspiration Through Faith

Sometimes in life it's the little steps we take that really make the difference. For my wife, Colleen and I, we decided early on to love and treat other people honestly and fairly.  We found over the years that sharing what we have is far more fun than keeping it for ourselves.

Our Story

We started out poor and broke as everybody does. At the age of seven I had a dream to purchase 40 acres of land and move out into the country. I saved my money and at the age of 21 I set out to buy my land, well kind of, my land.

I made a deal with an elderly man and paid him a grand total of $6000.00. I was informed by some that I had overpaid for the property by $3,000.00. My bad.

Almost 40 years later my family began camping on our property. On one of our last camp outs my daughter said, Dad I'm Glamping. I said, "What is Glamping?" Her response to an electric extension cord was, "luxury camping."

I was hooked, what is this luxury anyway.  As time went on we disbanded the family camp outs, now what. I decided to rent out camping spots, two years later, no takers.

I put my glamping site up on Google maps and you guessed it, a hit.

I had no tents, no furniture and I promised a young bride to be that her batchorelette party would be a huge hit.  It was and two weeks later we were booked for the rest of the month.

The rest is history