Learn How You Can Make Money With Your Glamping Business

I started my glamping business by accident. The first time I herd the word glamping was at a family annual campout, on our West Michigan property. I  immediately began my research on the subject of glamping.

I registered my glamping site on Google Maps, the problem with that was that I did not have anything but a family camping site next to my house and our pond. 

Early in the Spring of 2021 I get a call from a girl from Georgia, it turned out that her best friend needed a place to host a bachelorette party. My jaw dropped, I said, ah ah ah, I don't have tents or anything ready for your party. The girlfriend responded that she would be will to pay me $300.00 if I could get everything up and running by the end of May. Well I kept my end of the bargain as she did hers, and it was a wonderful success. 

I tell you this because setting up a glamping experience is a total learning experience. 

Your reading this post thinking, what's in it for me?

After that first weekend, things went dark again. No phone calls, no emails and worst of all, no website. At this same time my daughter began renting out her house on AirBnB and was booked well into the Summer. I made the commitment to finish my AirBnB listing and hope for the best. My first guests were kind enough to pose for some pictures as I was able to use them on my website. After about two weeks listed on AirBnB I landed my second camping group. Two of the family members came from South Korea to visit with their new grand child and the next group came from India. Without planning it, we had an international destination. We also hosted a guys batchers party. Very nice and peaceful.

As the season progressed we experienced two, out of the ordinary wind storms, that destroyed my three tents. I was fortunate that a forth tent was still in the box. So, my season was cut short in the middle of August. I believe I lost $2,500 in sales and cancelations and $600. in tents Good time to quit, right, wrong. I tasted the water and it was good. After my initial investment of time and money I was making $650-$700.00 a weekend and I was only working maybe 30 minutes in cleanup. I paid for all of my camping equipment and then some even after two devastating wind storms. Granted, I owned the property but I believe that I could make this work on a leased piece of property. You could even do what I did with a lot in the country. 

As fortune would have it I prepared a field on my property for other uses but after the windstorms I needed to build my tent structures my way and the field was the perfect location, besides the campers would like it more. I also have some very beautiful wooded area that I will develop as well.

I really don't  need to share my experience and knowledge but I do to help younger families who could start an income stream or add to what they are already making. I was privy to some financial information of a couple who are planning to get married. Both have over $50,000.00 each in student loan debt. I have some sad news for them, they are sunk financially, before they ever end up in the workplace. That may be your story. How are you ever going to get out of that trap? From a person who is pushing 70 I will tell you this, this is a suckers economy.  The only people who are going to make money in education are the banks. Sure, I understand that some professions will do better than others but, by far they are the exception and not the rule.


  • So, what am I offering:

For $25.00 dollars per month membership fee in my private mentorship group I will direct you in setting up your own glamping/camping business. Ya, their are plenty of people on YouTube who will tell you how to setup a successful glamping business but have they set one up themselves or are they all talk.


I will kickoff this membership with a 30 min. Zoom call. If it is not a fit for you then I will tell you upfront. You can cancel this membership at any time without penalty. The call itself is worth the $25.00.

You may be asking, what will it cost me to get setup for this Summer season and what can I make? That is always my question and I hate when they say, get a bid.

I will give you a little sugar. It cost me about $1,500 per tent, all in. That includes cots, chairs, pillows, sleeping bags if you want to provide them. I can get beds from the rent to own store.

This year I am going to provide pillows and sleeping bags as an addons. There is always someone in the group who will forget or doesn't have the extra room in the car for the additional bedding. This way I don't to inventory additional bedding. 

I make my own tents because of my local conditions and I am very concerned about the health and safety of my guests. I can have tents made and shipped for about $1,200, plus shipping. To buy a commercial walled tent it will cost you in the area of $3,500. plus for each tent and the manufactures are booked out 4 to 6 months. The tents that will be shipped to you will cost about $1,200 plus shipping. The real advantage is that my tent structures can stay in place year round.

The additional hurdles that I will advise you on are:

State and local zoning laws and ordinances, local lake associations bylaws as well as neighborhood association rules and regulations, as I am not an attorney I can only directing you to information sources and legal council in your area. I will provide generic information as to what to look for in your local zoning ordinance, state law and homeowner associations. Once you do your research my advice would be to present it to your attorney for review, he or she may see something that you have missed. I will publish some questions that you can ask your attorney that may help in the process.

 My information will be presented in the form of written instructions.

We will also cover additional topics such as:

  • Finance

  • Site location

  • Land lease options 

  • Site setup

  • Business model

  • Advertising and marketing

  • Online reservations

  • Best practices

  • Location

  • Hosting events

  • How to get paid for offsite activities and group packages including food, guided tours and recreational activities such as canoeing, rafting, horseback riding, ATV riding fishing, tubing, you name it.