West Michigan's Glamping and Wedding Destination

Glamping weddings are all the rage today but where do you find a venue that can host such an event?


If your answer is Xtreme Glamping, than you would be correct. After hosting several bachelor and bachelorette parties we came to the conclusion that maybe glamping weddings would be a hit as well.


For those who are unfamiliar with a glamping wedding it is merely camping without the hassle. All of the activities revolve around a single location. Much of the food can be prepared on site (ie. grill) or carried in. Your guests can come as dressed up or down as you so chose. Our glamping wedding packages can be as simple or luxurious as your budget will allow. Just think of it, instead of a one day event your guests will enjoy two days at our beautiful location. With an inviting campfire at night, well you get the picture.

Our minimum cost is 12,000 which includes the wedding venue for 200 guests, this does not include a reception tent, tables and formal chairs. This does include the sleeping tents for 32 guests. (Sleeping arrangements include beds and cots for 32 people.)

Onsite water and electric including porta-potties, and a hot shower unit will be available.

Terms: $1,000.00 non-refundable down-payment on signing, Non refundable balance 90 days prier to the event.

Contact Mike to get started.