• Mike Arcello


Weddings are supposed to be fun, beautiful and memorable. It's the big day that brides dream of and plan for. On the flip side weddings can be very expensive. Today the average cost of a wedding for a one day event is 20,000 - 40,000 dollars. What if you could cut the $ 20,000 cost in half and still entertain 200 or more guests? In a regular venue this may not be possible but in a glamping venue it is not only possible but doable. A glamping venue offers your guests fun, games and above all memories. Today # Glampingweddings offers you and your guests an opportunity to design your day from the ground up. With a glamping wedding you get one day to prepare and two days of celebration, with fun and play. Your guests may arrive in shorts, tennis shoes and a t shirt. You could plan Saturday as your big day and Sunday you could enjoy on a lazy canoe trip down one of several local rivers, or take a trip to the Lake Michigan sand dunes. At night you and your guests can relax in one of several cabin tents designed and furnished for you glamping pleasure. For those who would like to get in on the fun and yet chose to stay in a motel they can, just 41 minutes away. We did talk about saving money, with our in house flower gardens you can harvest yours floral decorations straight from the fields. Feeding 200 plus people is a challenge but not with a great chef and a grill. Cold food can be ordered in and stored in our commercial grade refrigerator. We personally have hosted several groups this season and the one theme in all of their comments is the beauty of of this property. People also love the outdoors. Kids like the frogs in the pond, the bottom line is that your wedding day doesn't have to be totally formal and cost an arm and a leg. You may want us to host your event or you may want to host it in another region. Keep it simple, fun and outdoors. If you have a date in mind then call today to save your spot. Contact Mike for more information.

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